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Взаимодействие Международного (ISHNE) и Российского (РОХМиНЭ) обществ холтеровского мониторирования
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Виртуальный симпозиум ISHNE/ISCP "Современные подходы к оценке и ведению больных с инфарктом миокарда и ишемией"

Forum of the ISHNE/ISCP Internet Symposium on Current Approaches for the Assessment and Management of Myocardial Infarction and Ischemia

Dear colleagues,
It is a great pleasure and pride to announce that next January 15th the ISHNE-ISCP Internet Symposium on "Current Approaches for the Assessment and Management of Myocardial Infarction and Ischemia" will begin. This is the first time that our two societies conduct a joint scientific activity through the Internet, joining our efforts to approach this topic of great cardiological topicality.

The Symposium will be similar to all the ones performed previously by ISHNE, with text presentations, webcasts, or videos, most of which will be translated into the five official languages; this depending on the date in which they were received by the scientific committee. There will be a double access to the lectures, which can be found in the "virtual halls" or by topic according to the contents (Acute, Chronic, and Prevention).

A library with automatic updating will also be available, enabling access to all published guidelines, and also ongoing studies published by Medline.

On the same day, the Discussion Forum will be enabled and will remain open for all the questions, opinions, doubts, consultations on specific clinical cases related to our topic, and so on, where the guest lecturers will answer when required.

We would like to express our deep gratefulness to the Directors of the Symposium, Drs. P. Stone, R. Verrier, A. Bayes de Luna, and JC Kaski, due to the high scientific quality of the program and the presentations of guest colleagues, to all the lecturers for their efforts, the scientific/technical team responsible of the design and management of the site, to the translators, and your presence that accompany us permanently, and without which all efforts would be useless.

We would also like to express our special thanks to all the companies that made this event possible.

We are certain that all of us will enjoy a symposium with a high scientific level, and we will be waiting for you on January 15th.

Best regards,

Dr. Antoni Bayes de Luna         Dr. Sergio Dubner
President of ISCP         President of ISHNE

Coordinators Steering Committees of the ISHNE/ISCP Internet Symposium on
Current Approaches for the Assessment and Management of Myocardial
Infarction and Ischemia

MI-forum mailing list

Dear Collegues
The International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology, the Heart and Vascular Institute and the Cardiac Electrophysiology Service at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, are sponsoring a visiting fellowship for electrophysiologists with clinical practice outside the US.

Potential candidates should be practicing electrophysiologists with clinical and procedure orientation. The fellowship consists of attendance and observance at the EP Laboratories and Pacemaker service for a two-week period. The candidates will have exposure to a great variety of electrophysiology procedures with emphasis in biventricular pacemakers/ICD implantation, and complex ablation techniques utilizing non-fluoroscopic mapping and navigation systems (electroanatomical mapping (CARTO), ESI/NavX and Localisa navigation systems).

Observation of routine electrophysiology studies and ablation procedures are also included in the scholarship curriculum. Candidate's participation in a weekly Journal Club conference is recommended. Daily rounds on the cardiology floors and cardiac intensive care units are designed to involve the visitors in clinical decision making in cardiac electrophysiology.

Comfortable accommodations are offered at the Main Campus of Henry Ford Hospital apartments. The scholarship is sufficient to afford traveling and meals; will last 2 weeks during the month of April (April 2nd to 18th,2008).

The candidates:
  1. Shall be younger than 40 years of age.
  2. Shall be qualified cardiologist.
  3. Shall show his / her at least 2 years fellowship in arrhythmology (Invasive and non-invasive).
  4. Shall have supporting letter from the Chairman of the Department.
  5. Shall send two letters of recommandation.
  6. Should be a member of ISHNE.
If you are interested, please contact us at info@ishne.org and send your CV and personal picture.

Claudio Schuger, MD, FACCC
Cardiac Electrophysiology Service
Henry Ford Hospital
        Sergio Dubner , MD, FACC
President of ISHNE

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